About Us

The entrepreneurial couple

Madina S Khan & Shahbaaz Khan founded Off Duty India in the year 2019.
They are very fortunate to be building something together where they both have the same goals, passions and dreams which they were able to promulgate on a daily basis. A women with a dream needs a man with a vision.
India loves fast fashion and Pinterest inspired looks and we wanted to bring something edgy for our Clients that the Indian markets lacked. A product that every one loves and can’t do without is DENIMS. Back in time all we had access to were basic skin fit denims and with the ever evolving denim trends internationally,  we started working towards bridging the gap between the two.
Our Inspiration: The fashions of the past are a rich source of our design inspiration. Hence we have all 90’s styles like mom denims ,dad jeans and baggy outfits .
Vision : Our only clear vision is to always be for the people because we are made by the people. Our focus right now is the experience we provide to our customers - style ,quality ,fit and service.