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The term mom jeans came about because this more generic style of loose-fitting jeans was widely popular until the 1990s, and therefore, for younger generations, deemed to be something that only their 'mothers' would wear. Off Duty’s mom-fit jeans are so comfy & chill that shoppers often wonder if what they are wearing is really denim! The answer course is that yes, it is denim, a quality one at that. Mom jeans are just about the most comfortable and stylish pairs of jeans you can get. These jeans feature a relaxed fit and have a high waist to help them sit comfortably above your waist. They are a lot looser around the thighs but traditionally taper down towards your ankles. Women’s mom fit jeans also have long back pockets and suit almost all body types. These jeans sit on your waist, making them more comfortable and more flattering to many body shapes. In particular, those with hourglass shapes will find this style complements their curves. These can be styled with almost all tops & matching belts. You can choose anything from graphic t-shirts to blouse tops. One classic style involved tucked-in tee shirts and jeans - for a clean, simple & minimalist look. Off Duty offers a wide variety of Mom jeans online. If you need to get ready in a jiffy, these comfortable jeans are just perfect. Style them with a comfortable top and jacket for a chic look that’s ready to go anywhere!

High Rise & High Waisted Mom Jeans

The trends may come into trend and dissipate, but these jeans are here to stay. No matter the decade, fashion trends have proven they jeans will never go out of style. These high-waisted jeans were originally fashionable in the late '80s and '90s, and are now making a comeback. They are just so comfortable and classic that they cannot be put down! So this season, why not bless your wardrobe with some great high-waisted mom jeans from Off Duty? If you’re feeling funky, why not take a look at our Super Ripped Mom Fit Jeans, and if you are looking for something more simple, then our Retro Blue Straight Leg Mom Jeans are perfect for you! Needless to say, no matter what kind of women's mom-fit jeans you are looking for, you can find them at Off Duty. With mom-fit jeans, you can create the perfect outfit with classic flair – opt for a cream sweater or hoodie, your funkiest boots, and a small black hang bag. And bang, you have an outfit that’s stylish & easy on the eyes. For a sporty feel, try an oversized athletic T-shirt with a baseball cap, and canvas sneakers. It is a timeless look that never goes out of style. If you are still wondering what kind of body type is best suited for mom-fit jeans, then let us answer that question for you! These types of jeans look good on pear-shaped women well. A typical pear-shaped person has prominent hips, which the high-waist and roomy hips of mom-fit jeans can help by accentuating their legs while slimming down the hips and belly.

Always in style outfit combos for Mom Jeans: White sneakers + a basic tee Sweet, simple and classy, this outfit combo is the bread and butter for many women around the globe. The minimal aesthetics and sober style really put all the focus on your choice of jeans, and with Off Duty jeans, that’s completely ideal! Jeans with high-heeled boots and a knit sweater: No doubt about it: Mom jeans always look good with high-heeled shoes. Throw a knit sweater on top of that, and you’re golden. Distressed Jeans and a leather jacket: Double down on the rugged free-spirited look by pairing our super ripped mom-fit jeans with a nice leather jacket and a handbag. A look that’s just the right amount of edgy and cool. Jeans with a crop top: High waisted jeans and crop tops are the perfect outfit combo to give you just the right amount of exposed skin & coverage. It’s a style that’s an instant hit with everyone. Button-up shirt and loafers: Smooth simple and classy, this outfit combo gives you just the right amount of class while keeping your comfort in check. Wear it to any semi-formal event without worries!

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Shopping for mom-fit jeans on Off Duty is very simple. All you have to do is browse our latest Jeans collection on the website, add the products you like to your cart, fill out your details and choose from multiple payment methods available. And we will do the rest to get those women’s mom jeans to your doorstep asap! What are some Advantages of Buying Jeans from Off Duty? You can browse from a wide range of options for all types of jeans on our website. We offer the lowest prices, free delivery, COD, and hassle-free returns on all of our orders.