Denims in our community

Denims in our community


Sometimes, the answer is right in front of us - either we are uninterrupted users of the Denim monopoly or we are buying into the prolonged usage of fabric. In any case, if you are a user of denim, you are taking a step into the world of sustainability. The overall consumption rate is changing, with the Gen-z generation tapping into 40% of the sales globally, there is an urgency to create transparency, to cultivate the values of denim in our community.

When we think of everyday clothing, we think denim. The fast fashion paradox and the vogue trend may shift on a daily basis, but the denims of our wardrobe are evergreen. With today’s generation celebrating ripped denims and patchwork, it has prolonged the shelf life of the product. The durability of the denim is in direct relation to sustainability, the life span preventing over consumption.

Denim durability depends on how you take care of the fabric, washing, drying, ironing plays a crucial role. Your denims can essentially last for over a decade! You buy jeans, you use them. The cycle goes on for years, you repair them when needed. You sell them to vintage or thrift stores for further use. This chain of actions makes an impact on the sustainable community. It’s affirmative.

Furthermore, your jeans can be anything you want. Post usage there are a number of DIY ideas available. The internet age can connect you to any reusable art, your jeans can be a pillow cover, your jeans can be a bag. Your jeans can be anything you want! Jeans are a step into the sustainable world as long as you use them the right way. 

Join the sustainable circle today:

Like Levi's CEO Chip Bergh suggests, You don’t have to wash your jeans everyday. There are creative ways to get rid of the smell: just throw them in the refrigerator for a day or two! The reduction of water wastage is eminent, another step towards our community. Sustainability has many aspects, but you can still be a part of it. Start with wearing denims, avoid over consumption and then pass them on. Be a part of the community. 

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